Dr. Adriana Ruiz

DBA Alumna
Strategic Account Manager, Sealed Air Corporation


Adriana Ruiz is a strategic account manager for Sealed Air Corporation. Her industrial engineering background allowed Adriana to join Tyson Mexico, where she began her career as a Plant Manager. She graduated first in her MBA class while holding different positions with Tyson Foods. After nine years she moved to Shanghai, China to support the three manufacturing facilities Tyson Foods owns there. She came to Charlotte three years ago with Pilgrims/JBS and solidified her operations skills. Adriana offers international experience combined with fourteen years of operational efficiency, project management and automation knowledge in the rapidly changing environment manufacturers are facing. Adriana enjoys traveling the world helping diverse cultural teams achieve their goals.

Research Interest

Adriana’s research interest is heavily related to her experience managing processes with large labor requirements. Adriana planned to conduct an empirical study aimed to potentially identify certain personality traits that will help manufacturers to recognize characteristics they should look for in applicants to have a better chance to retain them for a longer time. This will be a win-win situation providing the laborers with a good fit employment offer. Likewise, increasing retention will positively impact the current employee workforce improving people engagement and hypothetically producing a positive impact on manufacturers P&L.


The Influence of Socialization, Family and Sex on Newcomer Outcomes in a Dirty Work Context