Key Program Faculty

UNC Charlotte's national reputation and connection to one of America's largest financial city attracts professors from all over the world.

Belk College students enjoy the advantage of learning from a full-time faculty that combines a passion for teaching and research with a commitment to their students' success. Through innovative applied research, our award-winning professors make significant contributions to their fields of expertise.

Our faculty are quoted and cited in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, are published in top journals in their disciplines, and many serve as consultants to top businesses around the globe. Belk College faculty research can be found in major journals such as: the Journal of Business Ethics, Management Science, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Management, Marketing Science, Journal of Management Information Systems, Operations Research, Journal of Operations Management, and the Journal of International Business Studies.

Management Faculty

Denis G. Arnold
Professor of Management and Surtman Distinguished Professor of Business Ethics
Phone: 704-687-7703

Expertise: Corporate misconduct, business ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, business and human rights, pharmaceutical industry

George Banks
Assistant Professor of Management
Phone: 704-687-8412 

Expertise: Leadership, teams, personality, strategic human resource, compensation, research methods, statistics

Victor Zitian Chen
Assistant Professor of International Management

Phone: 704-687-7645

Expertise: Global business strategy, evidence-based strategic planning, theory-practice integration, performance-enhancing analytics, strategic design

Janaki Gooty
Assistant Professor of Management
Phone: 704-687-7694

Expertise: Leadership, emotions and multi-level issues

Franz Kellermanns
Academic Program Director, DBA Program, Professor, and Addison H. & Gertrude C. Reese Endowed Chair 
Phone: 704-687-1421

Expertise: International business, strategy process, entrepreneurship with a focus on family business

Gary Kohut
Program Director, Dual MBA Program 
Phone: 704-687-7651

Expertise: Business writing, business presentations, corporate communication, management development, negotiation

Steven G. Rogelberg
Chancellor’s Professor and Professor of Management
Phone: 704-687-7580

Expertise: Leadership effectiveness and development, team effectiveness and innovation, employee health and well-being, employee engagement

Laura Stanley
Assistant Professor of Management
Phone: 704-687-7682

Expertise: Research methods, organizational commitment, emotions, entrepreneurship micro-processes

Justin Webb
Associate Professor and Belk Innovation Distinguished Scholar of Business
Phone: 704-687-6182

Expertise: Entrepreneurship process, institutions, opportunity recognition, economic development, family business, crowdfunding

David J. Woehr
Professor of Management and Department of Management Chair
Phone: 704-687-5452

Expertise: Performance measurement, managerial assessment, applied psychometrics

Marketing Faculty

Jennifer Ames-Stewart
Director of Executive Education and Assistant Professor of Marketing
Phone: 704-687-7621

Expertise: Innovation and creativity, marketing research, global marketing, marketing strategy

Sunil Erevelles
Chair, Department of Marketing and Associate Professor of Marketing
Phone: 704-687-7681

Expertise: Marketing strategy, consumer behavior, brand management, internet marketing

Jared Hansen
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Phone: 704-687-7303

Expertise: Data science and business analytics, innovation

Nima Jalali
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Phone: 704-687-1647

Expertise: Social media analytics, social community engagement, text analytics, visual User Generated Content (UGC)

Sangkil Moon
Associate Professor & Cullen Endowed Scholar of Marketing
Phone: 704-687-7672

Expertise: Marketing analytics, social media, culture and consumers, customer relationship management (CRM), movie marketing, text mining

Linyun Yang
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Phone: 704-687-7575

Expertise: Stereotypes, social cognition, brands as social entities, consumer behavior, international marketing, marketing strategy

Business Information Systems and Operations Management (BISOM) Facult

Xiuli He
Associate Professor of Operations Management
Phone: 704-687-7629

Expertise: Supply chain management, operations management, OM-marketing interfaces 

Monica Johar
Associate Professor of Management Information Systems
Phone: 704-687-7658

Expertise: Management information systems, business data communication, optimal software development methodologies, content delivery systems, web personalization

Moutaz Khouja
Professor of Operations Management
Phone: 704-687-7653

Expertise: Manufacturing, planning and control, quality management and control, service management and operations, statistics, supply chain management

Ram Kumar
Professor of Management Information Systems 
Phone: 704-687-7649

Expertise: Technology evaluation and selection, knowledge management and business Analytics, e-business, project management

Sungjune Park
Associate Professor of Management Information Systems
Phone: 704-687-7628

Expertise: Information Security, Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, E-Business

Reginald Silver
DBA Program Director, Clinical Professor
Phone: 704-687-6181

Expertise: Healthcare business analytics, operations, Lean/Six Sigma, performance measurement systems, business intelligence

Tony Stylianou
Chair, Department of BISOM and Professor of Management Information Systems
Phone: 704-687-7605

Expertise: E-business, e-commerce, information systems management, quality improvement
Chandra Subramaniam
Associate Professor of Management Information Systems
Phone: 704-687-7604

Expertise: Electronic commerce / E-business, IT and enterprise business processes, value and impact of IT,
inter-organizational information systems