Program outline

The DBA is a three-year (six-semester) program that consists of 18 three-credit hour courses. The executive format brings students to our Center City Campus for 5 weekend residencies each semester (Fall and Spring) which equates to one weekend per month for 10 months out of the year. The program requires 54 post-master’s credit hours. The average student will enroll for nine credit hours during each semester of the regular academic year. Students may take a maximum of eight calendar years from formal admission to the DBA program to complete the program successfully. 

Year 1

Fall Semester

Introduction to Experimental Design and Measurement (3)
Organizational Theories and Systems (3)

Professional Issues I (3)

Spring Semester

Introduction to Business Theory (3)
Advanced Business Theory (3)

Business Statistics and Data Analysis (3)

Year 2

Fall Semester

Research Methods I (3)
Current Topics Research Seminar (3)

Professional Issues 2 (3)

Spring Semester

Research Methods 2 (3)
Focused Research Seminar (3)

Dissertation Proposal Development (3)

Year 3

Fall Semester

Doctoral Dissertation Research. (9)
Dissertation Proposal

Spring Semester

Doctoral Dissertation Research. (9)
Dissertation Defense